Car Tune up & Engine Service: What You Should Know

Being the owner of an automobile is an undertaking that requires your constant attention, maintenance, and care. The best thing to do in order to maintain your car in top shape is to regularly take it to a car tune up service. Why? This is because tune ups either maintain your car’s perfect state or it detects some problems that might bring you inconvenience in the long run.

This is important because if you depend on your car to go to places such as your workplace, school, or anywhere else on a regular basis, then the car needs to be ready for the stress of everyday use. If ever there are problems that could have been avoided if you brought it to a car tune up place, then you just lost valuable time, energy, and money which could have been used for more important matters.

However, you can’t just walk in a car tune up shop and ask them to do their jobs, you have to know what they can do, what they should do, and what your car needs. So, to help you out, we have created a comprehensive article that details on everything you need to know about car tune up shops and engine servicing.

Car Tune Up

The continuous and regular maintenance you let your car experience is definitely one of the best ways you can protect this particular type of convenient investment that you put your hard earned money into. Simply put, doing regular car tune ups and maintenance will help it prolong its life and keep it in top shape.

However, those are not the only benefits you can get from having your car tuned up. The benefits you can get from regularly perform tune ups for your car are numerous, and some of them are: tune ups are one of the best ways you can maintain the car’s original state or performance. As a matter of fact, having a car that is already experiencing problems tuned up can lead to a noticeable improvement in both the engine’s capabilities and the car’s overall fuel economy. However, it is still greatly advised that you do not wait for your car to experience problems that necessitate for you to go to an auto repair shop, and opt to regularly take your car to tune up shops so that whatever potential problems it might have in the future can now be prevented immediately.

Importance of Car Tune Ups

It is important for you to remember that any mechanical equipment needs to run through maintenance on a regular basis in order for it to perfectly maintain its condition. So, being a mechanical equipment itself, your car also needs the regular maintenance to avoid certain problems that could potentially cost you thousands upon thousands of your hard-earned cash. So, this is why car tune ups are important:

  • Avoid Car Breakdowns

    If you have the habit of regularly getting your car tuned up, then you can rest assured that the possibility of your car breaking down while in use will be close to impossible. Having to worry about your car not starting or suddenly breaking down while you are on the road can lead to a lifetime of unnecessary stress. Car breakdowns, especially on the highway, can be a total nightmare for everyone because it induces panic, stress, and fear.

    There are numerous parts of an automobile that can cause the whole car to suddenly breakdown. They are:

    - Air Filter
    - Spark Plugs
    - Battery

    Simply put, there can be a variety of reasons why a car would suddenly breakdown but regular maintenance and tune ups can lessen the chances of a breakdown by a significant amount.

  • Lesser Cost

    Let us say, for example, that you take your car for tune ups on an annual basis. This means that you only have to pay once a year to keep your car in top shape. You can already infer that the amount you will be spending annually will be considerably less than what you will spend if your car totally breaks down.

    Here’s an example: A dirty filter would lead to dirt and other debris entering the automobile’s engine. It will reduce the air intake of the engine which will eventually lead to a problem with the automobile’s capability to function. It will also lead to the wasting of fuel because of the car’s need for more gas to function properly amidst the debris and dirt, and while you drive the car you will notice that it is running irregularly. Basically, a minor problem with the engine can lead to numerous problems all around the car – a major problem. So, it would definitely be better for you if your car undergoes regular maintenance rather than going through expensive repairs.

  • Veer Away from Accidents

    A regular tune up and maintenance would include an overall checkup of your vehicle. They will check your tires, your brakes – both front and rear. If you did not know that your tire is flat, and you drive it, it will make it harder for you to maneuver it on the road. Additionally, if you drive a car with a flat tire on the highway or during inclement weather, you will have a harder time controlling the car because the flat tire will have less grip and friction produced than a proper tire, and it can lead to an accident.

    In addition, if your car has a problem with its brakes, there is a high chance that it will lead to an accident due to the inability of your brakes to stop the car while it is moving. So, if you regularly bring your car to a tune up service, mechanics will check every nook and cranny of your automobile. From the brake fluid, pads, and rotors, all of the important parts of your car will be checked.

  • Longer Lifetime for Your Vehicle

    The worst feeling in the world that a person can experience is that they need to replace their brand new car after 1 to 2 years of using it due to the automobile experiencing serious problems. If you just let your car be, and do not take it for a regular car tune up, the mere fact of not changing your oil or having your belts check can lead to serious and permanent damage for your car’s engine. It’s either you have to shell out a large sum of money for your engine to be repaired, buy a new engine and pay for all the fees such as installation, etc. or you will have to buy a new car. All of these choices will make you spend a large sum of your hard earned money. So, it will be definitely cheaper and easier for you to make your car undergo regular, routine tune ups.

  • Tune Up Inclusions

    A fact that most car owners do not know is that there is no more “traditional” car tune up where they immediately replace the parts that have a direct relation to the ignition or fuel systems which can lead to the improvement of the car’s overall performance and efficiency. There isn’t one now and there will not be one in the near future.

    The only remaining aspect of the “traditional” car tune up would be the addition of new spark plugs – which should be done about every 100,000 miles and the regular replacement of the air filter. Automobile authorities have concluded that the replacement of clogged, broken, or old air filters will not improve gas mileage, but it can improve the automobile’s acceleration by 6 to 11 percent. Regarding spark plugs, automobile authorities have yet to find conclusive proof that a fresh, new set of spark plugs can bring about benefits for a car. However, since most of the cars today have computers inside them, it allows the computer to take control of the engine and adjust its air-fuel mixture and spark timing to compensate for wear, whenever the car’s spark plugs’ electrodes are worn down or old.

    Even if this is the case, some, not most, of the car owners of today still take it upon themselves to have their car regularly tuned up. When car owners do take their car for a tune up, service technicians or mechanics will inspect or sometimes test the fuel, ignition, and emissions systems in order to find problems in the car such as:

    - Faulty vacuum hoses
    - Oxygen sensors
    - Any other part that can be detrimental to the car’s performance

    Authorities also state that a broken, worn down, or old oxygen sensor can lead to the engine computers giving wrong readings and will reduce a car’s fuel economy up to 40 percent.

    As mentioned in the earlier parts of this article, making a habit out of regularly taking your car to tune up shops and servicing centers is the best way to extend its shelf life and keep it operating at optimal levels. However, it would be great for you to be alert of servicing shops or mechanics that would take advantage of you wanting the best for your car by asking for exorbitant prices which could have been avoided if you went to a trusted car tune up shop or mechanic.

    Another tune up that mechanics and service centers give out are engine tune ups. The usual service that is included in an engine tune up are:

    1. Mechanics or technicians visually inspect your car engine’s fuel-system components in order to ensure that the fuel filter is clean, clog-free, and working properly,
      a. If your filter is clogged, the mechanic or technician will check if the clogged filter has not caused any damage to the fuel pump, and if the fuel injections are clean, and free from dirt, grime, or any other detrimental objects.
    2. They look at your car’s spark plugs to check if it has any sign of wear, aging, or is in need of replacement.
    3. They check your car’s spark plug performance to ensure that they are properly working.
    4. They also check your vehicle’s points and condensers, and they replace it if needed.
    5. They check the ignition’s timing and idle, and replace it if needed.
    6. They check the engine’s PCV valve.
    7. They also routinely check the engine’s air filters and the cabin’s air filter.
    8. Lastly, they check the oil and coolant levels.

It is also important for you, as the car owner, to be knowledgeable of the content of your vehicle’s manual because it usually states the manufacturer’s recommendation, and if the car’s manufacturer recommends that you take the vehicle to a regular tune up.

To give you an example, modern Ford vehicles contain a recommendation in the manuals provided by the manufacturers. They recommend that their car’s engine air filter should be replaced every 30,000 miles, and the spark plugs should be replaced every 100,000 miles. So, the importance of checking out your car’s manual will always be overstated because it is that important.

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